Uncover the very best talent with a super-fast people search engine

A powerful sourcing tool to uncover top talent from over 349M US & Canada based people records.
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Benefits You'll Love

Uncovering Talent From The Open Web - Not Just LinkedIn

High Quality Data - Tens of Millions of Records Updated Every Quarter

World Leading Dataset - 72 Percent of Records Containing a Personal Email

Find The Best Talent Faster Than Your Competitors

Uncovering Hard-To-Find Talent From Any Industry

Our dataset of over 349M US & Canada based people records are acquired from 100's of sources across the open web, including over 20+ different social platforms. Adding our talent search to your recruiting tech-stack will enable you to perform super-fast candidate searches using over 21 filters to uncover talent much faster than your competitors.

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Find Talent Faster Using 21 Custom Filters and a Boolean Ready Keyword Tool

People data enrich list example

Custom Filters Built To Hone in On Talent Profiles

Quickly find your target candidates by using an extensive set of filters and a keyword filter that is Boolean ready. Filters include: Location with Radius, Current Job Title, Industry, Years of Experience, Industry, Company Size, Seniority, Skills, Education Level, Degree, Major, School or University, Certificates, Languages, Diversity, Social Network, Time at Current Job and Inferred Salary and a number of exclusion filters.

Data-Rich People Records With Over 100 Data Points

All people data is collected from 100's of publicly available sources which is manipulated into data-rich people records with up to 100 data points per record. Search on qualifications, skills interests, inferred salary and lots more to help you build pipelines of the very best talent for your open job requisitions.

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Manage Your Sourcing With Project Folders and a Talent Pipeline Tool

People data enrich list example

Extract People Records From Search Into Project Folders For You & Your Team To Collaborate

As your source through the talent search engine you can extract and copy over one to one thousand people records at a time into your custom project folders for you to keep your data organized. Invite your colleague to join and you can share and collaborate on your searches.

Organize Your Sourcing & Outreach via Our Talent Pipelining Tools

Upload a list of your prospects first name, last name and company name to search retrieve the contact information from our database, export directly to CSV file, CRM or into one of our partner integrations for outreach.

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Export Your Searches To Your CRM & Marketing Tools

At any stage through the pipelining tool in your project folder, you can select all your records and export directly into an Excel CSV file which has been perfecting optimized so that you can upload all the key data into your CRM or marketing and outreach tools.

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Pricing Plans


1 License

$125 / User / Month

  • 250 Contact Credits Per Month Per License
    Quick Lookup Tool
    Unlimited Search
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 250 Contact Exports Per Month
    Bulk Enrichment Feature
  • CSV Downloads
    Live Chat Support
    12 Month Commitment
    Marketing Integrations (Q1 2021)
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3 to 100 Licenses

$65*/ User / Month

  • 250 Contact Credits Per Month Per License
    Quick Lookup Tool
    Unlimited Search
    Advanced Filters
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 250 Record Exports Per Month
  • Bulk Enrichment Feature
    CSV Downloads
  • Live Chat Support
    12 Month Commitment
    Marketing Integrations (Q1 2021)
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*requires enterprise purchase of over 15 licenses for $65/m rate.
All packages are annual contracts with monthly or annual billing options.

People Data Plans Include

Personal emails

Over 70% of people records have a personal email with an average 91% deliverability rate.

Cell numbers

Get access to over 11.5m US & Canada people records with a cell number.

Direct landlines

Get access to over 165m US & Canada based people records with a landline phone number.

CSV Exports

Export your list of people records to CSV file with up 100 data points per people record.

Talent search engine

Quick search across over 349m US & Canada based people records


Filter on qualifcations including degree type/level and schools.

Social connections

Get all social profiles associated with the persons records, click through and connect!

Work emails

Access over 17m work and business emails of executives based in the US & Canada.

Interests and hobbies

Research on your target prospects interests to form a personal connection in your outreach.


Filter on languages to source hard-to-find talent with a particular language skill.

Google locations

Use a radius search across a Google location to source local profiles.

Google locations

Use a radius search across a Google location to source local profiles.

Project folders

Manage your sourcing and by organizing your records into project folders.

Decision makers

Filter on seniority to find the key decision makers within an organization.

Market map

Filter on industry, company size and location to map your target markets.

Inferred salary

Market research your sector by filtering on inferred salary ranges.

Exclusion filters

Refine your searches by using any of our 6 exclusion filters

Skill tags

Search across millions of skill tags to source hard to find talent.

Boolean strings

Apply full boolean strings across our entire data set.

Exclude Linkedin profiles

Apply our social exclusion filter to find people that are not on LinkedIn.

Diversity filter

Use the diversity filter to hone in on specific profiles for your hiring.

Years of experience

Set specific experience range using our YOE filtering.

Job titles

Search any current or previous job title.

Work history

Search across full work history including job summaries.

About me's

Search across millions on about me's using boolean to hone in on specific experience.

Contact info filters

Control your search results based on profiles that have a specific contact info type.

Time in current position

Control your search results on a minimum time at their current position.

Company size

Filter on the number of employees to target SME's or enterprises.

Talent pipeline tool

Manage people records in a project and move across various stages for efficient sourcing.

Bulk record moving

Move up to 250 records in bulk movements from search to projects.

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