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To Your Data

Our network of businesses want to work with verified specialist recruiters in their industry. Our data matches their specific job requirements with your data, so that they can access your ready-to-interview talent pool and you can make placements faster.

Features You'll Love

The right job type
‍‍for the right recruiter

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to working on job types. Our hiring partners can post Crowdsource, Contingent or Executive Search assignments to the marketplace, that each have a different requirement and engagement type, so you can work on job that suit your preference.

  • Executive Search
  • Contingent
  • Crowdsource

Data matching job requirements to your expertise

Our matching technology will match your expertise with the specific requirements of every job opening. Increasing your chances of filling the position and helping you make placements faster.

and feedback loops

We are a firm believer that successful recruitment requires the communication and relationships building between the recruiter and the hiring manager. Every candidate you submit has an assigned communication thread, as well as status updates to ensure everyone knows where they stand.

Feedback is important to us, so, candidate, hiring manager and recruiter get the opportunity to provide feedback on the placement experience.

Simple terms
‍‍and payments

Upon approval as a recruitment vendor you confirm one contract with Recruiterly, and as you make placements we handle invoicing, terms and payment collection. You focus on finding talent, we focus on getting you paid.

Retained Search

Recruiting for senior level appointments require a specific skills set which is crafted by executive search professionals. This will normally require specific search methodology, market research and a deeper level of recruiter-to-client engagement. As well a slightly different fee structure to a contingent job assignment.

Our retained search job posts have the flexibility to cater for these searches, from the retainer fee, right through to the specific skillet that a recruiter needs to successfully complete these assignments.

All retained assignments will require a proposal for you to be considered, no more thank one recruiter will be awarded per assignment.

Contingent Jobs

A successful contingent recruiter will spend their time building networks of candidates in their chosen function or industry expertise to be able to turn around a shortlist of ready-to-interview candidates in a short time frame.

If a contingent job post falls within your industry and/or functional expertise, you simply request to work on the position within the marketplace and your profile and expertise will be sent to the hiring manager to approve or reject.

All contingent jobs will are permission based and there will be no more than three recruiters working on the role.

Crowdsource Jobs

Crowdsourcing jobs are for hiring managers that need qualified resumes and they need submissions in fastest turnaround time as possible. Crowdsource jobs are normally a solution best fit for the hiring of up to intermediate level positions with less complexity than a retained or contingent role.

The reward fee associated with a successful crowdsource referral are normally less that contingent or retained. Successfully filled crowdsource job will result in a flat reward fee, the reward fee amount will be clearly stipulated on the job post which is visible to you before working on the job.

How To Apply To Enter
The Job Marketplace

We have an application process to provide our trusted hiring partners access to the worlds highest quality network of expert specialist recruitment professionals. Please be patient with us whilst your application is pending.

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Create and complete a recruiter account on the Recruiterly Platform.

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Use the free-to-use review software to obtain at least one approved review.

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Request access to the marketplace in the app and sign terms.

Work on Jobs

Upon approval of your application, start working on matching requisitions.

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