Use machine learning to generate new leads for your agency

Use machine learning to search in real-time across over 1000 job boards so you can find companies that are hiring in your industry.
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Realtime job intelligence from 1000+ job boards

Run realtime searches to acquire up-to-date job intelligence from over 1000+ job boards to build a pipeline of prospect leads to convert to customers.

Key Benefits

Save Time

Save you and your business development team 100's of hours of business research and lead hunting time with all the job intelligence and contact information all in one place

Generate New Revenue

Generate new revenue by giving your team a constant flow of new leads so that you can connect your top candidates to employers that are actively hiring a matching skillset

Contact People Faster

Pair with our People Data tools and get in contact faster by instantly acquiring contact information for hiring managers, decision makers and company executives

Core Features

Customizable Search Interface

Use custom search filters and exclusions filters to build targeted lists of job lead data for you and your team to execute. Job leads contain salary range, location, job title, employer, job lead source (e.g. Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc) with a link to the original post, language, posted date, job type and the full job post details.

Save, Manage, Collaborate

Filter through your saved job leads, update or share with a colleague to collaborate on a lead.

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